Mother's Day Cakes

A special homemade cake seems like a pretty good way to treat your mum this Mother’s Day (26 March). Whatever recipe you’re thinking of baking, make it that bit more special by trying one of our decoration ideas, below. This pick of the current trends all have the wow factor but will work on most cakes and are simple to achieve, so you’ll get a real showstopper without the stress. Win win!


More is more when it comes to this modern way of using hundreds and thousands. For a full cake, ice with buttercream on the top and sides, then roll the sponge on the sprinkles so they completely cover the sides. Then decorate the top with a few more shakes. Or ice cupcakes with white or coloured buttercream, then dip in the sprinkles. For an even more spectacular effect, stir hundreds and thousands through your cake batter so your sponge has a rainbow effect when baked.

Edible flowers

Ice the top of your cake with buttercream icing then press edible flowers all over, or in an arc around the edge of the cake. Use either a mix of seasonal edible flowers, such as borage, calendula, lavender or pansies, or use a mix of fresh fruit and edible flowers for a pretty, natural effect.


The cute cake of the moment usually involves a lot of faff and fancy fondant work. Make a cheat’s version, that still looks great, by spraying a small ice cream cone with edible glitter to create your unicorn horn. Ice your cake then position the glitter cone on top (use a little extra buttercream to secure it, if you like), use readymade mini meringues and marshmallows for the hair, and draw eyes on the side of your cake with black decorating icing.  

Drippy cakes

The key to getting this effect, where drips of sauce run down the sides of a cake, is to make sure your cake is chilled before glazing so that the warm sauce doesn’t melt the icing underneath. So once you have made and traditionally iced your cake, pop it in the fridge for five minutes. Meanwhile make a chocolate ganache sauce then remove your cake from the fridge and pour the glaze onto the top of your cooled cake. Gently spread the glaze until it just reaches the edges. Then push a little of the glaze over the edge with the back of a teaspoon until it drips down, and continue all the way around the cake.